Sunday, February 16, 2014

Girls' Brigade Enrolment Service 2014

The Girls' Brigade of MGS (Girls' Brigade 1st Ipoh Company) had their enrolment service today at the Wesley Methodist Church Ipoh. The other Brigade companies that also took part in this joyous event were:-
a) 1st Ipoh Company Boys' Brigade (ACS)
b) 2nd Ipoh Company Boys' Brigade (WMSI)
c) 2nd Ipoh Company Girls' Brigade (WMSI)

Time: 7:00am-10:30am

From left: Rev. Thomas Chin, Dr Ting Cheh Sing

Our GB girls adjusting their hats and making sure their uniforms are in check.

The worship team from WMSI did a spectacular job.

A lively and entertaining performance by the 2nd Ipoh Company Boys' and Girls' Junior Brigade members.

The Word of God was preached by Rev. Thomas Chin.

Bookmark cards were handed out to invite the congregation to GB's 55th Anniversary Celebration which will be held in Ipoh this year. Ex-GB members are invited to join.

1st Ipoh Company Girls' Brigade:-

2nd Ipoh Company Girls' Brigade:-

1st and 2nd Ipoh Company Boys' Brigade:-

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